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As teenagers, we can easily become overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life.
We all go through ups and downs because of it, but sometimes bouncing back from an extended low can be a real challenge.

Meet Vive Teens, your always-there teenage wellness companion.
On a mission to guide you to a happier healthier you

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“I feel More Calm”

It helps knowing that I’m not weird for feeling so anxious most of the time. The breathing exercises help me feel more in control and I’m calmer than normal.
Jessica Smith, 14

“I’m better informed”

I have a friend who is struggling with depression. I’ve learnt so much about it through the Vive library, that I feel like I’m better equipped to support him.
Michael Williams, 17

“I’m less Afraid of failing”

I put so much pressure on myself to be the best that I sometimes get panic attacks. Vive has helped me find a healthy balance and manage my fear of failure.
Bruce Nicols, 19