We’re on a mission

To develop the emotional wellbeing of teenagers through assistive smart technology that enables our users to live healthier and happier lives.

Our Story

The VIVE story is one of how smart technologies can be used to assist teenagers to become healthier, happier, and balanced young adults. Through the use of ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art privacy protocols, VIVE TEENS has been custom-built as a personal wellness companion for our teenagers. In partnership with MEDIA24 we are presenting our teenagers with world-class content within a real-time digital companion.

“Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on planet earth. They are treated like children but asked to behave like adults.”

– Dr Nitya Prakash

Why Now?

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more apparent that the so-called “new normal” is becoming our new permanent reality. Virtual meetings, lockdowns, face masks and isolation are affecting adults and children alike. The ultimate impact will likely only be clear when our children are adults.

However, COVID-19 was only the tip of the iceberg and merely placed further emphasis on the very challenging times our children are already facing. Growing up in the “always-on” reality of the digital age is adding to the pressure and it’s become more challenging for our teens to deal with things like bullying, body shaming, self-harm, substance abuse, broken homes, and many more.

“Challenging behaviour occurs when the demands and expectations being placed upon a child outstrip the skills they have to respond.”

– Ross Greene

The question we wanted to answer is:
How do we utilize the marvels of modern technology in an ethical, private, and responsible way to benefit our children and steer them onto a successful path?

World Class

Cortex Logic is one of the leading Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology companies in Africa, which was founded by Dr. Jacques Ludik in 2016.

During 2018/2019 Cortex Logic evaluated a number of international platforms in the health and wellness market with a specific focus on preventative care and ultra-personalised, technology driven interactions.

As a result, a proprietary wellness platform was built and launched during 2019 offering real-time engagement and advice to companies, individuals, and health insurers.

How did we do it?

Parents are enraged by excessive use of smartphones amongst teens who seem to be glued to apps of which some might not have wholesome and trustworthy content and are not necessarily endorsed by parents.

What if we used the very technology that teenagers love, to educate, assist, and reward them through a personal wellness companion app that provides targeted content to help them address common psychological and social challenges that they face every day? Also, what if the app has real-time interactive capability that provides virtual companion chat as well as give teenagers access to counsellors and advice at the tip of their fingers?

VIVE created such a wellness companion app that interacts with a teenager in an ultra-personalised fashion within a private “space”.

Schools, parents, and teenagers have “app fatigue” as they are bombarded with numerous apps that communicate schedules, announcements, and other education-related information. Are these apps really assisting our teenagers and providing them with tools that equip them, or can it be that it simply creates more pressure? Time will tell.

As COVID-19 started taking effect and families stood in disbelief about the closure of schools, isolation from physical contact and related psychological and mental challenges, the dangers for teenagers were alarmingly clear.

As a result, VIVE TEENS was formed in early 2021 when Cortex Logic was given the brief to become the technology partner of the VIVE platform and application.

With the vast experience of Cortex Logic in building wellness platforms, we were in an excellent position to build VIVE TEENS by using the same technology stack as the foundational layer.

After extensive market research, which included feedback from small groups of teenagers and involving world class e-commerce and behaviour experts, the team of software developers and data scientists developed the VIVE TEENS platform.

Given the initial interest from parents and schools, VIVE decided to partner with MEDIA24 as content and social media partner to ensure that as many schools and teenagers as possible are reached in these very challenging times.

The VIVE STORY is now beginning.

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