Empower Your Students

To learn about their own wellbeing and support them in their development to become well balanced, emotionally mature and well adjusted young adults.

Build A system of support

Your school is far more than an institution for academic learning.
Teachers become counsellors and mentors as students struggle to cope with the everyday pressures of teenage life. Parents put their trust in your school to keep their kids safe while under your care.
But what about keeping your students safe from themselves?

Meet VIVE Teens.
An ultra-personalised wellness companion that will help your students navigate the everyday challenges of teenage life. Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) it works to build a network of support around your students, while educating and equipping them with the self-help tools that they need to grow into well adapted young adults.

How it Works

ScHedule Demo

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Distribute the app to all the students in your school.

Promote Wellness

Drive wellness campaigns among students and help them help themselves.

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Let us show you how VIVE can support the students in your school.